Drawing on the rich repertoire of East Coast Celtic tradition of intricate instrumentals, sea shanties, Irish and Scottish songs, and original compositions, Celtic Rant have forged a polished sound around the guitar, fiddle, pipes, mandolin, and excitingly robust vocal harmonies. They have been performing in festivals and clubs throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI and have been building a steady base since 2006 – the year the band started.  

They recorded the debut “Celtic Rant” and follow up recording “Encore” with producer Don Chapman. The newest CD “A Clancy Rantcy” is a tribute to the legendary Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. “A Clancy Rantcy” takes Celtic Rant into exciting new territory.

Celtic Rant consists of Victor Fraser on vocals, guitar, tenor banjo and fiddle, Rob Wigle on vocals, guitar, mandolin and bouzouki, and Rob Greene, who also does vocals and plays bass guitar, fiddle and pipes.

Victor Fraser - Acoustic Guitar 

Victor Fraser, the grandson of the late Little Simon Fraser of Meat Cove, Cape Breton is a disciplined musician who has experience with diverse styles and genres. His first love is Celtic guitar and song. Victor’s original melodies and flat-picked interpretations of traditional tunes are integral components of the Celtic Rant sound and style.

Rob Wigle - Guitar & Mandolin 

Rob Wigle grew up in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, where the ocean, honest working people, and stories of the common folk were part of everyday life. Inspired at a young age by anyone who could play an instrument or sing a song, Rob has been exploring roots music for as long as he can remember.

Rob Greene - Guitar, Fiddle & Pipes 

Rob Greene comes by his musical ability honestly; his father is a guitar player and his grandfather was a Cape Breton fiddler from Reserve Mines. Robs love of Celtic music runs deep and has been a constant through most of his life.